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Exploring Al Capone's Fantastically Historic Miami House

93_Palm_Media_05 for web.jpg[All photos courtesy MB America]

In case you've ever wanted to see what it's like inside a notorious gangster's home, you will be happy to learn that the interiors of Al Capone's 1922 Mediterranean Revival estate on Palm Island are prepped and camera ready for the next booty-poppin' Rick Ross music video or riveting Telemundo novela. The 93-year old historic home recently underwent a major renovation spearheaded by Miami-based, Italian-run MB America, which has taken charge of the property's purchase, renovation and management. According to MB America CEO Marco Bruzzi, the property was acquired for around $8M and has so far had $1.4M in renovations. The architecture and design of the Capone compound renovation is led by MB America co-founder and architect Monica Melotti. According to her, the project is 75% complete and will be ready to lease this May.

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On The Market

Al Capone's House Is Back On The Market, And Super Cute!

The Miami Beach estate of Al Capone, arguably the most legendary mobster of all time, who allegedly planned the St. Valentine's Day Massacre from its very confines, spent his last days slowly waisting away with debilitating syphilis here, and finally, as his very own niece and biggest advocate says "dropped dead" in one of its upstairs bathrooms, is back on the market for $8.45 million, and the new listing photos look just absolutely adorable!

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Sold Stuff

Al Capone's Palm Island House Just Sold For $7.43 Million

Holy shit. Apparently Al Capone's Palm Island abode has sold, after being on the market for almost a year (just like Billy Joel's and Rosie O'Donnell's places, both of which recently sold as well) for $7.43 million according to realtrix team The Jills. The house, from which Capone supposedly planned the St. Valentine's day massacre and died of syphilis years later, has a plethora of original details including an impressive waterfront pool. Also included in the historic mediterranean revival compound constructed in 1928 is a two-story guest house, a two-story pool house (or 'casino' if you will), seven bedrooms, and a tall masonry wall encircling the property. No word yet on who the new owners are.
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Beer People Things

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History Lessons

Al Capone's Grand-Niece Pays A Visit To His Old House

Deirdre Marie Capone, the last living relative of mobster Al Capone to carry his name, came down to Miami to see his house on the market. Accompanied by the Herald's urban affairs correspondent Andres Viglucci, the 72 year old woman took a look around, and had some revelations about the house she hadn't been to since childhood.

· The kitchen used to have a staircase that Al Capone's black servants used.
· There were once separate bathrooms for men and women at the far end of the family room.
· The pool, where she learned to swim, was originally connected to the bay through a grate. "I remember it so well because this was an odd pool," she says. "It had salt water, and it was connected to the bay so the water level would rise and fall. There were fish and algaes and I thought, well, is this really what pools are like?"
· "Dropped dead here." Deirdre recalls, pointing to the upstairs bathroom floor, where Capone had suffered a massive stroke just after getting out the shower.
· Al Capone had nothing to do with the St. Valentine's Day Massacre. Well, that's what she says, and she's convinced, so maybe he really didn't.

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On The Market

Here's Al Capone's House All Dolled Up, With Furniture In It

Home staging isn't a particularly rare thing, but what do you do when you're working with Al Capone's house, an historic but relatively modest place on plenty of premium land that the new owners could easily tear down for something new and massive? Well, ideally you get it designated historic, so they can't tear it down, even if they wanted to. Next, you stage it like you've never staged before.

The house has been filled with $100,000 in Brazilian furniture, in the hopes that whatever millionaire who buys it will treasure the house they have, and not the 30,000+ square foot giant they could. Did Al Capone fill his mediterranean revival house with slightly modern Brazilian furniture, when he bought it in 1928? Ok, so it's probably not historically accurate, but the decor fits the house's Spanish style, looks gorgeous, and if it means possibly saving the house, then hey, it's worth it.
· 93 Palm Ave., Miami Beach, FL [Douglas Elliman]

Capone's Place

Video Interlude

Inside Al Capone's Fabulous Palm Island Estate, On Video!

The 1922 Al Capone Mansion from Chuck Farris | VisualSOLUTIONS on Vimeo.

In its day, Al Capone's Palm Island compound was swinging fabulous. Lately, an extensive restoration by current owner Peter Corsell really shows off just how fabulous it was. It's on the market, and, well, just take a look at this place, on video.
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Comment of the Day

On The Market

Al Capone's Historic Miami Beach House is $10 Million Bucks

Well, after the news broke late last week, Al Capone's famous Miami Beach retreat, where he came while needing a break from mobsterdom (and yet, where he planned the Valentines Day Massacre), has hit for the market for a formidable $9.95 million, after a top-down restoration to its original old-Miami beauty. Ol' Scarface lived here for quite a while, after buying the place in 1928, holding on to it while going to jail twice, and finally dying of syphilis here in an upstairs bedroom. It has 7 bedrooms, 5 full baths, 2 half baths, and abounds in architectural details, including a luxuriously large pool that Capone himself installed. Accessory buildings include a two story pool house, two story guest house, and a high masonry wall encircling the property.

The listing says the house was originally built by Clarence Busch of the Anheuser-Busch beer fortune, but we read somewhere else that this was another Busch, of no relation. So, who knows?
· 93 Palm Avenue, Miami Beach, FL [Douglas Elliman]
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On The Market

Al Capone's Restored Palm Island House, For $9.95 Million

Famous gangster Al Capone's Palm Island house will hit the market in the next few days for $9.95 million, reports the NY Daily News. The house, which the legendary gangster owned and lived in for decades, has just undergone a thorough renovation by its current owner, Peter Corsell, with the intention of returning it to its original gangsterific grandeur.
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