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"I find this idea rather insane. Earlier this week I was working in one of the industrial buildings that would be replaced by one of those bland mid-rised buildings in the video. The noise from the jets was very loud. While office space might work, there is no way anyone would ever voluntarily move into residential space in the area. (Although the video is vague as to building useage, I checked out the Miami-Dade Palmer Lake plan off of their website and they do call for mixed-use residential development.)

The reason this area is industrial is because of the airport. Wanting to change that is an exercise in wasted tax dollars. Airports was a necessary but undesirable feature of large metropolitan areas. The area at the end of runways is a no-man's land at virtually every major airport. Sinking millions (billions?) into an area like this is not going to suddenly make the noise and jet exhaust magically disappear.' -anon [There's Potential In That Airport-Adjacent No-Man's Land]