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Have A Robot Park Your Car, Right On Collins Avenue

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Miami Beach has its first robotic parking garage at 1826 Collins Avenue, designed by ADD Inc. and discreetly put into operation, almost as discretely as cars disappear and reappear from its automated metal doors. It is the first robotic garage in Southeast Florida, and maybe farther. Down on street level, it looks just like a little empty retail space, which in a way is what it is. Retail, will fill the three level storefront that distracts from the garage's wide entry bay. Stellar Construction, the contractors for the project, have a nice gallery of construction images, here.

The whole robotic parking garage thing is a fad that developers and municipal planners around here have hooked on to as badly as starchitect-designed garages, and that's bad. But on the other hand, these things park cars compactly together, and they're more-or-less invisible, hiding behind, under, or above things.
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1826 Collins Garage

1826 Collins Avenue, Miami Beach, FL