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A Building Between Three 'Hoods; Peacock Park Goes Private?

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EDGEWATER/MIDTOWN/DESIGN DISTRICT—The Regions Bank office building at the intersection of 36th Street and Biscayne Boulevard is basically a bland building at a bland-looking crossroads. So why was it, along with an adjacent surface parking lot, purchased by an investment company that includes Avra Jain? Ms. Jain is known for typically much more interesting projects, including the renovation of the icon Vagabond Motel. Well, this intersection is where three of Miami's most exciting neighborhoods - Midtown, the Design District, and Edgewater - connect, and that oh-so-bland mid-rise office building dominates the intersection. So there. [SFBJ]

COCONUT GROVE—Private St. Stephen's Episcopal Day School wants to invest $500,000 into upgrades for Peacock Park's sports facilities, in exchange for exclusive access to them during school hours, extending an existing arrangement with the city. Commissioner Marc Sarnoff loves the idea. Some local Grove-ites, including Glenn Terry, the founder of the King Mango Strut Parade, are crying foul over concerns about private entities taking over public amenities. [Miami Herald]