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Look Inside The Dusty, Preserved, Miami Beach Women's Club

And now, a new series for Curbed Miami. "Wolfsonian Wire" will delve into the collections of the Wolfsonian-FIU Museum to explore the history and architecture of old, old Miami with the help of the Wolfsonian's Chief Librarian Frank Luca.

Photos courtesy the Wolfsonian–Florida International University, Miami Beach, Florida

The Miami Beach Women's Club is hanging on. While Miami's other women's clubs, from that old Miami of lore that we oft refer to but hardly know, seem to be long gone to history and dusty attics, the Miami Beach Club is still an active organization. And its original building, practically unchanged, exists too! The remaining members, all grand ladies, visited the Wolfsonian Museum's library recently to view the museum's archives of their own club. While over at the Wolf's library's blog, Chief Librarian Frank Luca explores the history of the club and its members, he shared with us some interesting photos of the Club's interior which show that, while aging slowly, the Club's building on 24th Street and Pine Tree Drive is very much still there.
· Visit to the Wolfsonian Library by members of the MBWC [Wolfsonian]

Miami Beach Women\'s Club

2401 Pinetree Drive, Miami Beach, Florida