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Grand Central Park Is Staying, For Two More Years At Least

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Grand Central Park wants everyone to know it's A-Okay. Despite being purchased by a new landlord, the Miami Worldcenter people, the park has a lease for the next two years, and that's being honored. Grand Central Park will remain Grand Central Park. As far as what will happen in the more distant future, Brad Knoefler, the man behind the park's creation, says:

"We always knew that something big would go there, but we still are hopeful that whatever happens we can keep a portion of the green, community space," he added. "This is perfect site for a public private partnership and we are open to work with the new owner to explore that option." · Grand Central Park coverage [Curbed Miami]
· Grand Central Park [Facebook]

Grand Central Park

700 North Miami Ave, Miami, FL 33132