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RETNA Flashes Up Louis Vuitton, As Liaigre And Dior Move In

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The great onslaught of luxury retailers into the Design District has begun, with the first brands opening temporary and permanent homes along NE 40th street. So, who's opened shop already, and who's just now moving in? Well, as Louis Vuitton readies their temporary space, street artist RETNA splashes the facade with vertical streaks of color. Across the way, Cartier and Celine are already well ensconced (Celine's in the Moore Building), and Dior Homme and Liaigre are under construction. Around the corner, Jonathan Adler (also in the Moore building) is setting up shop too. Oh, and that infill building with the artsy glass window things at the former site of the Enea Bamboo Garden, 175 NE 40th street, has white plastic covering the windows out front, suggesting an intriguing surprise. Something about that tree out front looks really new, and seriously different from its well weathered twin next door. Hmm... [Curbedwire]
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Louis Vuitton Design District

170 NE 40th Street, Miami, Florida

The Moore Building

4040 NE 2nd Ave, Miami, FL 33137