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Don't Forget About The Ichimura Japanese Garden. The What?

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[Photos courtesy Adeline Ramos]

There's a japanese garden just beyond the Port Tunnel construction site on Watson Island. It's next to Jungle Island's offramp from the highway, and squeezed in front of the that old yacht club, the Miami Yacht Club, that takes over the island's eastern tip. Yep, seriously. It's called the Ichimura Miami-Japan Garden, and - perhaps one of the least known but oldest sights in Miami - its been around for a while, even way before that jungly theme park next door. The garden and its history goes all the way back to 1957 and a man attending a camera convention named Kiyoshi Ichimura.

Curbed Miami's new photographer, and all around wiz-kid, Adeline Ramos took a look around for Curbed Miami's first photo tour. Presenting (above) Ichimura Garden.

· Friends of the Japanese Garden
· Ichimura Japanese Garden history [Friends of the Japanese Garden]

Ichimura Miami Japanese Garden

1101 MacArthur Causeway, Miami, FL 33139