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The NYT And WSJ Worry About Miami's Real Estate Market

Thursday's release of Miami's Elliman Report made a big splash all around it seems, even in New York, where both the New York Times and the Wall Street Journal took a gander at all the crazy things going on down here. The Times wonders "what if?" about a new Miami housing bubble, while real estate analyst Jonathan Miller - a regular Curbed contributor and seasoned real estate anaylist - says Miami is "like it's rebranding itself" through luxury real estate, as if up until now Miami was a working-class paradise. But, back to his usual talents, Jonathan also asks if we're putting all our eggs in one basket by tying our rebound too closely with the influx of international cash.

Meanwhile, the Journal thinks everything is just peachy. Kidding! The Journal sees condo-launch parties as analogies for the state of the Miami market. Miami's a party place, but the degree of the party depends on the state of the economy, and the parties - although not as decadent as once - are coming back, with leather clad models and Maseratis. It seems almost inevitable that sooner or later Miami's decadence and debauchery (and wasted money?) will be at full gear yet again.
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