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Where To Take A Presidential Power Nap; Miami Poop Alert

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DOWNTOWN - President Obama was in town last week for a fundraiser at the J.W. Marriott Marquis in downtown Miami. So, where did he stay? Nowhere. Air Force One flew him in and out the same day. But if he'd needed a power nap (Being President is exhausting) the hotel would likely have lent him the Presidential Suite for a few hours. He could have used it to have a pre-fundraiser pow wow with whomever was assisting him on the trip. Pictures of the Presidential power-napping place are above. [J. W. Marriot, via exMiami]

EVERYWHERE - Dade County is basically on poop alert. The sewer system has become so horrendously bad that everything's going down the crapper. On the upside, we've got potty jokes aplenty! Anyways, as reported before, our sewer system is donzo. An emergency 60-inch force main is being installed between South Pointe and Fisher Island to temporarily patch up a major problem there, and all of Coconut Grove has been forbidden from adding new toilets, sinks, or other kinds of sewer hookups. Four leaks in the last year at the Virginia Key wastewater plant have sent 19 million gallons of waste straight into the bay. And lawsuits are flying. An environmental group, Biscayne Bay Waterkeeper, plans to sue the pants off the county for making this mess in the first place. [Curbed; MB Outlook; Miami Herald; New Times; BB Waterkeeper]