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The Sunniest, Happiest Penthouse Ever Is Only $1 Million

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6 bedrooms, 4,638 square feet, a private pool, a keyed elevator, the full top floor, 360 degree views, on the water, a round living room, etc. Oh, and it's in Bay Harbor, which is the most absolutely darling neighborhood of impeccably maintained low-rise midcentury apartment buildings and private houses on two islands in Biscayne Bay. But who cares? This place just exudes happiness, and that's what really matters. Whoever lives here must love it to pieces and be absolutely crushed to leave. But maybe they're empty nesters? Maybe the kids have all grown up and they don't need all those bedrooms anymore? It definitely seems like a multi-generational household. The blue room has a granny recliner in it. Maybe granny... well, wherever granny is, we're sure she's fine. And all for $1.195 million.
· 9721 E Bay Harbor Drive [Curbed Marketplace]