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Mary Brickell Village Finally Puts Its Top On

Work has started on the top half of Mary Brickell Village. Construction workers were spotted fixing old rebar, in line with their announced "groundbreaking" date of October. (groundbreaking's in quotes because everything anywhere near the ground is finished, excepting the lobby's interior decor most likely) Until now, the otherwise successful urban mall has been topped by a stub of a tower, with rebar left exposed, a parking ramp ending mid-air, and an unused residential entrance sitting around back. Bought out by its original developers, the 35 story tower will be called EnV Brickell according to a press release and will be marketed as "luxury" although the single rendering available looks thoroughly normal. Parking will be built up to the tenth floor, with a Miami-sized amenity deck on the 11th, and residential up to the 35th.
· EnV Brickell [exMiami]

Mary Brickell Village

901 South Miami Avenue, Miami, FL 33130