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Kobi Karp Will Restore The Surf Club & Ensconce It In Glass

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Dear old architect Kobi Karp has gotten unanimous approval from seemingly everybody for his new designs for the Surf Club, in Surfside. Basically, according to preservationists, most neighbors, and all the boards whose approvals are required, things are good to go. The Surfside commission itself, which gives the final word, unanimously approved it on Monday. Kobi's starting by tearing down everything that's not original to theSurf Club's historic Russell Pancoast design, rebuilding and restoring a whole bunch of things, including the curving row of cabanas in which Winston Churchill painted watercolors, and apparently making the Surf Club look exactly like what it did when it was built.

Then come the big glassy towers! Observing the town of Surfside's strict height limits, Kobi has designed a series of towers to surround the building, to basically ensconce it in glass. The contrast is striking. A mediterranean fantasia swathed in glassy boxes. Perhaps it works. Or it throws everyone for a loop. Whatever happens, everyone will actually be able to see it. One final twist: the Club is going public!
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The Surf Club

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