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$37 Million Lets You Live Reeeeally Large On Lagorce Circle

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Any place named Castello del Sole that was built any more recently than the 1920s has to be ungodly obnoxious, and no, this rambling castello on Lagorce Circle that just hit the market does not disappoint. It's a Mediterranean Revival Revival from 1998. Okay, it costs $37 million, but it comes with four buildings. Yes, four buildings (main, guest, gym, and a place to stash the help), a giant lagoon-style pool with two swimming lanes, a hot tub, pool bar, professional tennis court, theater room, library, roof top terrace, three power equipped mega yacht-ready teak docks, a three story rotunda with twin staircases, and 349 feet of bay frontage. The listing's a bit vague, but it probably has 8 bedrooms in the main house, and 11 total. And that 17,000 square footage? That's probably just the main house too, but who knows?

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Castello Del Sole

42 Lagorce Circle, Miami Beach, FL