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I.M. Pei's Old Firm Does Two 80s-rific Towers For Biscayne Blvd

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The firm of retired iconic 20th century architect I. M. Pei has designed two towers - a little one and a big one - for 1400 Biscayne Boulevard, just north of the Arsht Center, for spanish developers Espacio. Designed with lots of 45 degree angles, muted colors (is that a marble facade or exposed concrete). and a large slab-like form, the tower just screams.. well, it screams a few things. First, it's kinda Brutalist. Second, it's very 80s (like, oh yeah, the Miami Tower, that wedding-cake shaped building Pei built in Miami in the 80s). Third, there's a very 'Miami in the 80s' aspect about it. Is it not reminiscent of the Intercontinental?

To be built in two phases, the project will consist of a ten floor office tower rising to 173 feet, and a 65 floor residential/office tower of 651 feet, which sounds a bit low for 65 floors. Yes, the norm for a skyscraper is 10 vertical feet per floor, but what about mechanical, superstructure, and all that jazz? The lower building will be closer to the Arsht, so as not to overwhelm it. Plazas will face the buildings on two sides, and the garage and amenity deck will be pushed to the back, kind of hiding that tower-on-pedastal look typical of Miami.

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1400 Biscayne Boulevard

1400 Biscayne Boulevard, Miami, FL