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Housing News Looks Perky, Even Peppy, Across South Florida

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The housing news for coastal South Florida, beyond Miami, has been improving across the board according to the latest series of reports from Douglas Elliman prepared by our very good friend Jonathan Miller of Miller Samuel. Also in the reports, buyers and sellers keep moving closer together in price. How very Kumbaya of them. Always proving just how useful he is, JMillz gives us the salient points of each report.

Here are some of the highlights:

Fort Lauderdale

· Over the last year price indicators in Fort Lauderdale are up across the board.
· Buyers and sellers have moved more closely together on price than they have in the past six years.
· Marketing times for the overall market are at their fastest pace in six years.

Boca Raton

· Overall condo price indicators were mixed.
· Luxury condo and luxury single family price indicators showed double-digit increases over last year.
· Properties generally sold faster than last year.
· Buyers and sellers have moved closer together on price.

Palm Beach

· Condo sales reached their second highest level in more than six years.
· Buyers and sellers moved closer together on price and the market appears to be absorbing more of the older listing inventory.
· Single family homes selling 2 months faster than a year ago.

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