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A Classy New Grove Bungalow, Next To Merrie Christmas Park

Here's a nice, new build, bungalow-esque house down in old Coconut Grove. Just off Merrie Christmas Park, with its big banyon trees, the 5 bed 4 bath house is asking a cool $1.95 million. That's a price that, at least according to Zillow, might be a bit too high. It does have a lot going for it though, including park views, generous balconies to capture that warm Miami air, a pool, fancy appliances, high ceilings and lots of interior molding. Outside, the tree-filled street just screams Florida. So, what's not to like? Well, the entire fenced in front yard is a paved driveway, the fence is onerous and unneighborly, and some of the stonework looks blah. Finally, one wonders if 3,552 square feet is a bit small to fetch $2 million in the Grove, although it does take up much of the lot. Oh, but look at those fabulous park views.

· 4080 Barbarossa Avenue [Curbed Marketplace]