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Thomas Kramer's Selling His Wagnerian House For $35 Million

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Notorious Miami developer Thomas Kramer (the New Times has called him a "Miami Scumbag") is asking for a whole lot of cash, a cool $35 million, for his absolutely Wagnerian castle of a house on Star Island.

The nine bedroom, fourteen bathroom palazzo looks like a severely remodeled historic Mediterranean Revival, with enough Mediterranean Revival Revival (that's what we call new med revival, not the good stuff from the 1920s) that the old house is lost in the new. It would be straight out of 'Ride of the Valkyries' if the Valkyries had ridden all the way to Miami and gotten a tan. And that gnarly gothic look goes even farther when your realtor decides to overdo the HDR on her camera, or iphone, whatever. In fact, the only room that doesn't look like it's just dripping with decoration is the gym. Perhaps that's because of the gym's utilitarian nature, or Kramer doesn't want attention diverted from his own physique (again, see here).

Is this a PriceChop we see, or maybe a developer being sneaky? There's a duplicate listing of this place for $15 million less, with a radically different date of construction and bedroom/bathroom count.

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Thomas Kramer's House

5 Star Island Drive, Miami Beach, Florida