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A Midcentury Mod Di Lido Island Place For $1.5 Million

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Here's a cute little midcentury mod house on Di Lido Island, restored and remodeled with all it's 50s flair left intact, except for the bathrooms and kitchen. Those are new. It's a simple, beachy place, an island home that could have been knocked down for something much bigger, and McMansion-ier, but wasn't. Vaulted ceilings, terrazzo floors, an open floor plan, and exposed brickwork all harken back to a simpler time, or at least a time that seems simpler in hindsight. I has 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, and 2014 square feet, making it cozy and comfy. The pool - which the realtor claims is styled after the Delano hotel's - swallows up the whole back yard.
· 800 E Dil Lido Drive [Curbed Marketplace]