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Its Old Marquee Ablaze, Lincoln Theatre's H&M Opens Nov. 8th

The new flagship H&M store on Lincoln Road has announced an opening date of November 8th, just a few mere weeks away. It will be one of five flagship H&M's in the United States. In the meantime, H&M's Lincoln Theatre building hasn't looked as much like its old self since its original aluminum marquee was melted down in World War II for the war effort. Thanks to architect Allan Shulman, a reproduction of that historic first marquee is back, the 'Lincoln Theatre' words have been turned on, and the siren song of 'cheap chic' in a grand historic building is calling.

Other tenants announced for the building so far are Swatch, 100 Montaditos, 4D Gelato, and Sabon. A month later, H&M's second location south of Palm Beach Gardens will open at Aventura Mall.
· H&M opening in Miami Beach on November 8th [Miami Herald]
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Lincoln Theatre

541 Lincoln Rd., Miami Beach, FL 33139