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Ice Cream City Wire

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Since Curbed Miami outed Ice Cream City, the New Times pitched Chad Oppenheim some follow up questions, to get the 'who, what, when, where, and how much' of the grand plan. Who: Chad Oppenheim, Pharrell Williams, and affordable housing developers Carlisle Development Group and Carlisle CEO Matt Greer. What: A whimsical neighborhood. When: It's a long process. "Right now we are starting the complex process of assembling the pieces and convincing many different entities and stakeholders to agree on the vision. These things could happen a little here and there." says Oppenheim. Where: Scattered sites throughout Overtown. How much: Reusing existing building, reappropriating shipping containers, etc. are all creative ways to control costs and use existing resources. [Miami New Times; previously]

Beckham United's Overtown Site

650 Northwest 8th Street, Miami, Florida