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Want To Buy A Wacky Art Deco Hotel In South Beach?

Want to buy a whole hotel in the thick of South Beach? Can't afford the W Fort Lauderdale? The Berkeley Shore at 1610 Collins Avenue, which has the same multicolored, funky, look it probably did in the 80s and 90s when South Beach was still a technicolor, neon induced wonderland, has just hit the market. The 64 room hotel goes for $13,780,000 and includes an open-plan lobby with a giant column in the middle that merges with a flower-ish roof paint job, a snack bar, a front desk, a large front porch, a tiled wheelchair ramp, and a nice sized front yard. Apparently this listing website isn't up yet, but it's with Majestic Properties, so go and bug them for it.
· The Berkeley Shore [Majestic Properties]

Berkeley Shore Hotel

1610 Collins Avenue, Miami Beach, Florida