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Million Dollar Listing Is Doing A New "Docu-Series" In Miami

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Is Million Dollar Listing finally coming to Miami? Yes, no, maybe... The producers of Million Dollar Listing are looking for high-end realtors in Miami to "be part of a docu-series following the lives and careers of top real estate agents." They are "Seeking prominent, big personality real estate agents who are at the top of their game and deal with the most high-profile clients, buyers, sellers and listings in their city. The series follows them making their fortunes selling multi-million dollar properties in the most exclusive neighborhoods of the country."

Ok, so they're looking in other markets too. But hey, they want Miami realtors, big time. Even the fine print sounds exciting. Here they lay it all on the line:

"To be considered you must have a high volume of multimillion-dollar listings and be a power player in MIAMI." For details and submission rules (headshot, bio, that kind of thing) click here, and let's show the world that our real estate market is as reality-show-worthy as it gets.
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