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A Starchitecture Vs. Giant Tree Showdown On The New River

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The New River site of South Florida's second Bjarke Ingels project, the 1000+ unit Marina Lofts, is already occupied by the mother of all trees, and developer Asi Cymbal is adamant that he wants it moved. The largest Albizia Saman, or rain tree, in the State of Florida, and probably the entire United States (since they only grow in Florida) commands the six acre plot of land. It's 61 feet high and 127 feet wide, with a root system just as extensive, and a trunk 20 feet around. It's been designated a 'protected tree' by the Fort Lauderdale City Commission since 1987, and a "Florida Champion" (meaning the largest in Florida) since 1982. Oh, and Broward Vice Mayor Kristen Jacobs is trying to get the tree historically designated.

Cymbal has hired experts to move the beast two blocks to a 90 foot wide lot, a site independent arborists say is too small for a tree of its magnitude. The branches and roots would have to be cut way back, and the tree itself would be conveyed on rails. Although he hasn't commented directly, the word is he's "very confident" he can move the tree safely. He's even included it in one of the building's renderings.

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Rain Tree

415 SW 4th Avenue, Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Marina Lofts

413 SW Third Avenue, Fort Lauderdale, FL