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FDOT Is Planning A Mindboggling Flying Land Bridge For I-395

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Twenty years from now, a giant swooping land-bridge of a superhighway could fly over downtown Miami, heading to South Beach. The old I-395 - that spit of highway between the Dolphin and the MacArthur Causeway, is low, rapidly deteriorating, bulky, usually gridlocked, and rather depressing. And now that it's ending its usable lifespan, the Florida Department of Transportation wants to think out of the box and do something new.

So, are they thinking Baylink? No, not really. Are they thinking of a grand boulevard? Nope. They're thinking a giant, giant, giant road wayyyyyy up in the sky, right out of the Jetsons, with a captivatingly dramatic "signature span" for the portion that crosses Biscayne Boulevard. Hey, the Jetsons didn't use public transit either! Sure, the preliminary designs look like a half-rate knockoff of a design by architect Santiago Calatrava, and they could just as easily add a Metrorail line while they're at it if they really wanted to be ballsy, but at least they have an eye for the dramatic. It'll make one thrilling drive to Miami Beach someday. Construction won't even start until 2021.
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