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Here Are Lots Of Renderings Of The Surf Club, Kobi Karp Style

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Until somewhat recently, all parties involved have been rather cagey about renderings of the Surf Club redesign by architect Kobi Karp. A few fuzzy images got out two weeks ago, but here they are finally, in all their hi-res glory. On top of that, the Herald's 'Business Monday' section has a story about the club's new owners, Fort Capital Management and Koc Group, who are extremely optimistic about the future of their new club.

The change to the site is dramatic, with two twelve story generic looking glassy towers flanking the restored 1930 Russell Pancoast-designed club closely on either side. They will contain a 285 room five-star condo hotel and spa, and a specialty food store. A cabana colony (that's a structure for cabanas) - reminiscent of the curving original but curving in a different direction - will be built in front of the southern tower. Pools - four of them - are packed in on the club's ocean frontage. Long lawns provide nice vistas through recreated dunes. Two large driveways will lead to the towers, dwarfing the club's much smaller arrival drive. Across Collins Avenue, the club's tennis courts are turned into a 661 space parking garage on one side of 91st street and a four story residential building on the other.

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