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Miami Beach's Convention Center And Lincoln Lane North Are Both Back On Track

David Smiley, the Miami Herald's politics correspondent for Miami Beach, has just announced over twitter that prosecutors have determined that both the Miami Beach Convention Center and Lincoln Lane North redevelopment projects are in the clear. Alleged backroom shenanigans have amounted to nothing, and all the bids are clean. However, even with this squeaky clean judgement, a new Lincoln Lane North Committee will review the old proposals, and the same may or may not happen with the Convention Center, which means the current rankings won't likely change much but could be in limbo.
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UPDATE - Here's David Smiley's report to the Herald, with all the not-so-scandalous-because-it's-all-quite-legal details. [Miami Herald]

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Miami Beach Convention Center

1901 Convention Center Dr., Miami Beach, FL 33139

Lincoln Lane North Project

1100 17th Street, Miami Beach, Florida