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Disney Family Backed Palau At Sunset Harbour Is A Go

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Miami Beach's Design Review Board has approved Palau At Sunset Harbour, a mixed used project with 50 residential units and 11,000 square feet of retail, at the northwest corner of 20th Street and Sunset Drive. The site, which is currently occupied by Mark's Quality Cleaners, is just off the entrance to Sunset Islands III and IV.

It's being designed by architect Kobi Karp, who is a resident of Sunset Island III, and funded by the Disney family's investment firm Shamrock Holdings. Residents of the Sunset Islands - excepting Karp - are none too happy about the project, claiming Palau is out of scale with the neighboring islands (although very much in scale with Sunset Harbour itself) and squabbling over allegations of buyoffs or even bribery that the city doesn't seem to care much about. Perhaps they're actually upset over the loss of their beloved neighborhood dry cleaners.

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