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This Is The Underbelly Of The Giant I-395 Of The Future

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This is FDOT's idea (hope, dream, pie-in-the-sky) of what it'll be like to hang out underneath the new I-395 that they have in the works. Superhighway overhead? Check. Groovy V-shaped pylons? Check. Space to create an under-highway park with elaborate landscaping and grass that magically doesn't die in the shade? Check. And this isn't even the portion underneath that giant land bridge whooshing over Biscayne Boulevard. Oh, yes, that'll be something. To read some FDOT-babble on the I-395 reconstruction project, click on through!

FDOT says:

Project Limits
From west of I-95 to the MacArthur Cswy Bridge
City of Miami
Project Summary
This project involves the rebuilding of the Interstate 395 (I-395) corridor from its terminus at the west of the I-95/Midtown Interchange (I-95/State Road 836/I-395) to its corridor terminus at the West Channel Bridges of US 41/MacArthur Causeway, approximately 1.4 miles. I-395 is an Interstate Principal Arterial and major east-west connector serving Miami Beach and the ports. Proposed improvements include: (1) Building new elevated ramps (one eastbound and one westbound) that will provide direct linkage between I-95 and I-395. (2) Improving roadway design including updating the alignment and upgrading the roadway surface. (3) Creating a visually appealing bridge. (4) Building vertically higher structures that will improve the visual quality of the bridge. Anticipated Construction Start Date: January 2021
Construction Cost:$500 to 600M

· I-395 Construction [FDOT District 6]