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This Physically Impossible Blob Is Going In The Design District

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What will Miami's oddest playground, Acconci Studio's Klein-Bottle Playground, look like when it's finally completed in the Design District in 2014? A Klein-Bottle is the merging of two mobius strips to create a shape that mathematically has only one side, and merges inside and outside, but takes up space. It is a physical impossibility, unless there's a fourth dimensional jump at the intersection. A playground is a playground. What can be created are Klein-Bottle-esque shapes that deal with the intersection by just making it an intersection. It's not a real Klein-Bottle, but it works. But there's a twist. There is a variation of the KB called the 'Figure 8 immersion' of the Klein-Bottle, also known as the 'parameterization' that looks like it could also be a playground. Of course parametric permutations are Zaha Hadid's signature move really, and these architects are, if anything, individualists. Either way, they both work, they both make pretty crazy play places, and somehow one of these must be what design wiz Vito Acconci is planning as a playground in the Design District. Mind blowing, isn't it?

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