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Comment of the day

"First of all, Miami Beach is already overcrowded... with cars. What the light rail will do is minimize the quantity of cars and maximize the quantity of people. In time, the infrastructure would start to change to accommodate more people (public spaces). Think about it, less giant parking garages, more mixed-use buildings or parks. Narrower streets or less lanes, wider sidewalks for people. It's inevitable that masses of people will keep coming to Miami Beach, we just have to adapt in order to have an efficient flow of people coming in and out. Also, I don't think Miami Beach is losing its charm, I think it's just changing naturally with time like all cities do. If Miami wants to compete with the big cities of the 21st century, we have to change our ways and move toward more green, sustainable, and efficient forms of transportation". -That Transit Life [And In Other Transit News, Baylink Is BAAAAACK!?!?]