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Full Size Trees, Hermès Both Take Root In The Design District

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There's much ado in the Design District these days, as construction crews work furiously to get as much done as possible in time for Art Basel Week, which is just over a month away. The temporary Louis Vuitton store is open, and Hermès is setting up shop across the street in that building with the roof garden at 175 NE 40th Street. Next to Louis V, construction workers were rushing in and out of a new space for Prada as we made our way past. But oh! What's this! At least five fully grown (big!) trees have been planted out in front of Prada in a wide double row, two more are in front of Hermès, and there are big giant troughs in the ground for many more, stretching down past Louis and the future Dior Homme space, which by the way is also buzzing with construction workers.

Around the corner, the Buick Building has been suspiciously covered in construction netting. What wonders could they be hiding under there? And Jonathan Adler has ensconced his new store nicely in the Moore Building, with cute little orange awnings to boot. Two other newly demo-ed sites (the parking lot behind Micheal's Genuine Food and Drink and a site on the SW side of 1st and 40th) seem to be expectantly awaiting construction activity.

Winding one's way down to Midtown, a shinny new jumbo-sized highway exit seems to be awaiting the throngs soon to come to Midtown, the Design District, and the new Walmart.

And Midtown, ohhh Midtown, is rapidly transforming into a tent city of art, a hooverville for art collecting millionaires that reminds one just how much of an anti-Occupy Wall Street kind of a place this town can be. Tents are going up in Midtown Green Space, down Midtown Boulevard, everywhere.

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The Moore Building

4040 NE 2nd Ave, Miami, FL 33137

Garden Building

175 NE 40th Street, Miami, Florida 33137

175 NE 40th Street

175 NE 40th Street, Miami, Florida

Prada Design District

180 NE 40th Street, Miami, Florida 33137