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Watch Thomas Kramer Sunbathe Live, On His Backyard Webcam

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Thomas Kramer, the skeeziest of skeezeball developers, who, according to the Miami New Times, has been accused of sexual assault, doused panhandlers with wine, and various other transgressions, wants everyone to know exactly what's going on in his back yard, right now. He has a webcam set up, perched on the roof of his $35 million house which is currently for sale, that has a clear-as-day view of his pool, his pool house, anybody who happens to be taking a swim or doing anything in the back yard, his dock, and the Miami skyline beyond. Just spending the last few minutes gazing at his gaudy oasis, we saw a boy walk outside with a bouncy ball, bounce it around, and walk back in. But knowing Kramer's penchant for being almost naked in public, it could have been much worse. If you want to risk it, click here. It's right after the sales pitch for his autobiography.
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Thomas Kramer's House

5 Star Island Drive, Miami Beach, Florida