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With City Landswap, Flatiron Park Is Out, Flatiron Building Is In

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Remember this? The Brickell Flatiron Building, a wedge-shaped residential tower designed by Enrique Norten, is back. Developer Mallory Kauderer is in negotiations with the City of Miami for a complicated landswap deal on the site of the long-delayed project that would allow him to expand it to the full block, giving him thousands of additional residential square feet. Sadly, the resurrection of the building means the death of Kauderer's never-quite-finished Brickell Flatiron Park.

Although Kauderer promised to build a temporary Raymond Jungles-designed park on the site while he waited out a moribund condo market, after lengthy and suspicious delays (including something having to do with the sprinkler system) the park was never completed and construction was eventually abandoned. Then, wham-bang, the real estate doldrums ended a whole lot faster than anybody thought, all those thousands of empty condos were gobbled up, and Kauderer decided it was a good time to revive this building of his.

Kauderer is gaining control of the City-owned parcel on the far right of the site plan above, which he could potentially use to expand the building northward, in exchange for relinquishing the tip of the triangle on the left, which he had been planning as a plaza and the city is going to use as a public park.

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Brickell Flatiron Park

1100 SE First Ave., Miami, FL