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For Queen And Country, And Gold, At The Fontainebleau

Today, 50 years ago, Dr. No, the first film of what would become the epic 22 film (and counting) James Bond franchise was released. Curbed National put together a list of the 22 best Bond locations. Number three on the list, for the third film Goldfinger, is Miami Beach's Fontainebleau Hotel, where James got a steamy massage, caught goldfinger cheating at cards, and made love to a woman who would soon after suffer 'death by gold,' all on the hotel's grounds. It's all just too intriguing to bare. Here's to the fabulous, the legendary, the over-the-top Fontainebleau Hotel, and that poor girl that died of gold in Bond's hotel suite!
· On James Bond's 50th Anniversary [Curbed National]

Fontainebleau Hotel

4441 Collins Ave, Miami Beach, FL 33140