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The Intercontinental, That 80s Grand Dame, Gets Lots Of Flash

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The Intercontinental Hotel, once the biggest and best hotel in downtown Miami, has a lot of competition. So how does a grand doyenne of 1980s Miami keep up? Well, like an aging Real Housewife, or the Miami Tower down the street, she gets a nip, a tuck, and lots of new bling. The Intercontinental is in the midst of a $30 million rehab that, in addition to guest room upgrades by Venus Williams and a new pan-Latin restaurant, will literally cover it in lights. The Herald's description of the lobby sounds a bit like a nightclub, but the exterior is where things get really loud. The 19 floor facade will be a "digital canvas" that can change colors or feature "moving images" much like the Miami Tower's (only moreso?). All of that's above a front drive with a Vegas-style marquee.
· The Intercontinental Miami Ready To Shine After Renovations [Miami Herald]

Intercontinental Miami Hotel

100 Chopin Plaza, Miami, Florida