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More Renderings of The Gale, And That Bonkers Roof Deck

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Miami's long been a town of big roof decks, whether a rooftop restaurant on a towering beachfront hotel, the theme park sized amenity deck atop a new condo's parking garage, or a lumbering party deck retrofitted on a modestly scaled depression-era Art Deco hotel. The play land being built at the Gale South Beach, which opens this December with its totally bonkers roof deck, is the later. Historically, the hotel probably was always designed with a roof deck, for sun bathers, nighttime dancing, and milder exploits. All those old South Beach hotels had them. Now it'll have pools, a row of full-grown palm trees, elaborate bars, and multiple cascading levels, themed, of course, after the Italian riviera. It all sounds so ridiculous, so not historically sensitive, and in a strange way just so exuberantly Miami Beach.

Oh, one more thing: it's getting an underground nightclub too.
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Gale South Beach

1690 Collins Avenue, Miami Beach, Florida Visit Website