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Burn Notice Is Here For Another Year, Then Departs For A Park

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The ongoing saga over the fate of Burn Notice, that primetime drama set in Miami which has had the fabulous luck of being shot in a waterfront film studio in the heart of Coconut Grove, has reached a conclusion at least for another year. The show will be paying about a half a million dollars in rent to the city for the use of the Coconut Grove Expo Center for the next year, whether or not producers actually decide to renew it for a seventh season. Then, they're leaving for another studio no-matter-what, letting the city finally, finally, turn that spot into a park to realize a part of the tremendously delayed Coconut Grove Waterfront Master Plan. Where will Burn Notice go? They don't know. Heck, they don't even know if they'll still be on the air, but if they are, they may move to another site in Miami, to Broward, or someplace else altogether.
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Coconut Grove Convention Center

2700 S Bayshore Drive, Miami, Florida