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Marina Grande Is Revived; CitiCentre Goes Vertical Next Year

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NORTH MIAMI BEACH - A victim of the real estate crash, North Miami Beach's Marina Grande project - two large condo towers on either side of a large marina opening onto the Intracoastal Waterway - is set to be revived, with sales beginning in January. The developer is now retrofitting an existing building on the site to serve as the sales center, although a groundbreaking date does not yet exist. Neither does a name, which could likely be something other than 'Marina Grande.' Bad karma, you know. [SFBJ]

BRICKELL - Brickell CitiCentre, which is already a writhing hive of activity, is aiming to go vertical by the second quarter of next year. Of course that depends on how far along they get with all the underground bits, which include a huge multilevel parking garage and foundations. All that underground stuff is on an 18 month completion schedule, although the project may be able to go vertical before all of that is quite done. [SFBJ; ExMiami]

Brickell Citicentre

700, S. Miami Avenue, Miami, Florida