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Real Estate Searchers StreetEasy And Estately, Come On Down!

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We'd like to welcome to the dance floor (the bed of hot coals, whatever) South Florida's two latest real estate search services, StreetEasy and Estately.

StreetEasy, which so far has been exclusive to New York/Northern New Jersey/The Hamptons, has made South Florida their first foray out of that market, now covering Dade, Broward, and Palm Beach Counties. With StreetEasy, you can search by neighborhood, price range, custom areas, and a million other variables, as they look at every possible side of real estate. Once you've done all that, apparently their "folders" section is a pretty nifty way to organize all that stuff. Oh, and we hear their market reports are wayy handy too.

Estately, which set up shop in 17 other states before expanding to Florida, has a press release that gives the impression they know a thing or two about our local market as well. (or at least they've tried the steak at Don Shula's) Either way, it's good for Miami.
· StreetEasy South Florida [StreetEasy}
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