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The Kardashians Get Spurned, But Kim's Moving Here For Real

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So, although Kim and Kourtney Kardashian's efforts to get a house somewhere in Miami Beach to shoot the new season of their show Kourtney and Kim Take Miami proved hopelessly futile, they've finally found a place in distinctly less posh North Miami Beach, (Sorry NMB!) just outside Oleta State Park.

Now that they're filming the new season in digs just so far away from everything (the daily commute to South Beach must be just intolerable!), what's Kim doing in her free time? Well, she's house hunting, again. But this time it's for real. Along with boyfriend Kanye West, Kim is looking for a real house in Miami Beach, to really live in, when not on reality TV. Really? Yes, they've been looking at houses listed for between 7 and 10 million bucks, waterfront, and presumably with plenty of room for kids, 'cause you know Kim's gonna want some sooner or later. How does that sound Miami? Multiple generations of Kardashians ensconced down here, permanently.

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