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An Old School Bay Point Beauty, From A More Genteel World

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It's hard to imagine a Kardashian moving into this 4 bedroom, 4 bath place that just screams "genteel" in every sense of the word. For $2.335 million you get a house in the heart of Miami that feels about as far away from Miami as one could possibly get. No, this isn't Westchester, or Philladelphia's Main Line, or Bucks County, or Greenwich, Connecticut. It's Bay Point, behind an ominous wall on Biscayne Boulevard, about two minutes north of downtown (more or less). Built just after the war, in 1949, it's likely a Bay Point original, although it's been "exquisitely renovated," to use the broker's words. Oakwood floors, a front porch, a large pool, formal living and dining rooms, his and her closets, almost 4 thousand square feet of living area, and a fair amount of land round out the picture.
· Undisclosed address [Curbed Marketplace]