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Watch Out Car2Go, 18 Zipcars Have Hit Miami's Mean Streets

Surprise! Zipcar, that car sharing service that more people have heard of than have heard of Car2Go, has launched in Miami, without the buildup or pomp and circumstance that Car2Go had when it rolled into Miami earlier this year. Yesterday they weren't here (except on the UM campus), and today they are. They're scattered about Downtown Miami, Brickell, the Jackson/UM health district, Coral Gables, and even South Beach. Zipcar has been at the University of Miami since 2008.

Will they conquer Car2Go right off the bat? No, because by our count there's only a measly 18 of them up against Car2Go's 250, and both services have their own advantages. They've co-existed in other markets. But other cities have hundreds, which means upscaling is likely here, and competition is competition, which in end benefits society at large. So there.
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