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The March Of Progress Heads Straight For That Topless Latina

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Construction fencing is up and demo permits have been pulled for almost the entire block at 3725 Biscayne Boulevard in the Design District, a.k.a. the block with the mural of the topless chica sporting plenty of junk in the trunk and a g-string, by mural artist Krave. And the empty building next door. The whole block except for the building with the mural (which is, incidentally, oft mentioned architect Chad Oppenheim's office) is owned by Design District developers DACRA and is a part of their grand scheme for the redevelopment of the district. Exactly what part of the scheme that is remains a mystery. All the Design District's Special Area Plan said was 'TBD', so that's no help, but a wide expanse of emptiness on prime Biscayne Boulevard property right at the Design District's front door would make any developer salivate. Nevermind whether or not you've got softcore porn painted on the wall behind it.
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