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Genting's Miami Casino Actually Would Be The World's Biggest

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Digging through the archives of the exceedingly useful Crespogram Report, we struck gold. The giant Resorts World Miami, which Malaysian casino operator Genting has been itching to build at the Miami Herald Building and Omni sites, and which Genting has claimed to be downsizing, would actually be the world's largest casino if the original plans are actually built. Yep. The architect Arquitectonica, who had been muzzled by Genting when he originally proclaimed his design as 'world's largest', turned out to be totally right. With 849,650 square feet of gaming space split between the old Omni building and the blobby new one that's supposed to go on the Herald site, it trumps the current record holder, the Potawatomi Bingo Casino in Milwaukee by 69,650 square feet.

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Miami Herald Building

1 Herald Plaza, Miami, Florida

Resorts World Miami

1 Herald Plaza, Miami, FL 33132