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Check Out This So-Flashy-It's-Miami Versace House Promo

Juicy shots of Gianni Versace's old beach shack abound in this overly-flashy-and-sales-pitchy promo video put together by bigtime Miami brokers (and the listing agents for the house) the Jills. Two grand dames of Miami real estate, both named Jill. Curbed National makes fun of all the glitz, but this overly flashy house kinda goes with the overly flashy video, and it all makes sense in the cauldron of sin that used to be (and, ok, still is) South Beach. Hell, if you're going to put one of the most expensive houses in the world on Ocean Drive, it's bound to be gold suffocatingly over-the-top. Will you become an insta-celebrity, as the Jills claim, upon dropping $100 million on the house? Maybe for like 15 minutes. Maybe.
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Casa Casuarina

1116 Ocean Drive, Miami, FL 33139