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Is This $180,000 Rental The Most Expensive In South Florida?

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This really very stunning Coral Gables house rents for the grand, grand figure of $180,000 a month, and is architecturally in such good taste that - dare to dream - it actually seems worth the money. It might also be the most expensive rental in South Florida. Just off Bird Road, on Santa Maria Street, the 4,086 square foot house is on the edge of the Riviera Country Club. It comes fully furnished, with a pool, stately living and dining rooms, a large kitchen, and a grand double-height foyer. Only four bedrooms mean each is quite large, but you can't really pack you and all your relatives in for an awesome golf vacay, if that's what you had in mind. Outside, tall french doors with cuuuute blue shutters capture the fairway views. Upstairs, survey your domain from an incredibly dainty wrought iron balcony.

UPDATE: Although the $180,000 figure was listed in two places, including the realtor's own site, the monthly rental of 4117, as listed on, is actually $15,000 a month. Big difference.

For the sake of fairness, and accuracy, if you know another South Florida rental that equals or beats this house in price, we want to know! Send it to if you please. Thanks.· 4117 Santa Maria Street [Curbed Marketplace]
· 4117 Santa Maria St. [One Sotheby's]
· 4117 Santa Maria Street [4117 Santa Maria Street]