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Scareface's Fake Miami House Is A Really Expensive Rental

Continuing the 'not in Miami' theme, here's a huge Santa Barbara mansion that was supposed to be in Miami when it appeared in that 1983 Miami classic Scarface. In the movie it was Tony Montana's Coral Gables estate. The 10,000 square foot, $30,000 a month house, designed by the great architect Bertram Goodhue is on a ten acre property, with lush persian gardens, a "swimming pool divided into quadrants," patios, bars, a rooftop terrace, an inner courtyard, meticulous tile mosaic-work, and a phenomenal barrel vaulted ceiling. Ho-hum finishes and drab details in a few other spots diminish the splendor. Curbed featured the rental less than a month ago, but we just had to say hello to our little friend one more time and gloat that in all probability if the house actually were in Coral Gables (probably Cocoplum) it would cost a lot more money than it does over there.
· 'Little Paradise' from Scarface [Curbed National]