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Vote For The Renter With The Worst Miami Horror Story

Over the past few days we've shared two Rental Horror Stories as part of a Curbed-network-wide contest to find the worst of the worst. So, who's horror story is the most horrible? That's for you to decide, right now, or later. The poll will be open for the next 24-ish hours giving you plenty of time to read over both, have pity, think it over, and decide who deserves a month's rent or $2,500 bucks more. A recap of the week's tales:

Contestant #1: Getting Sued By Her Landlord For Wrongful Eviction
"When I first moved to 500 Brickell, I did so with the intention to buy; the developer was offering a program where tenants had the option to purchase their units and use up to their first year of rent towards a down payment. Unfortunately, as I would find out shortly after move-in, the project was similar to many of the women in Miami – patched up and pretty to draw one in with physical appearances whilst beneath the surface lurked defects and dysfunction."

Contestant #2: A Disappearing TV And Chicken Blood On The Wall
"The last rental I ever had was moving into a furnished townhouse down here in South Florida. The first week, while looking for additional furniture on Craigslist, I saw photos of my living room (TV, sofa, coffee table) for sale. After the landlord claimed it was a mistake, a week later the TV disappeared. Owner response: "for service". The TV never returned, but the owner did the week following, this time with a live chicken in his hand and two very large friends dressed in all white and speaking no English."
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