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Thomas Kramer's Slightly Sadistic Looking House Is For Rent

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Introducing writer David Rosario, who's dipping his toes in the scatterbrained, satyrical world that is the Curbed Miami universe. For his first foray, he's discovered that not only is creepy party boy Thomas Kramer's house on the market for an extravagant sum, but it's on the rental market as well..

Last month, we reported that developer Thomas Kramer's 5 Star Island Drive mansion was on the market for $35 Million. Well its now also reportedly listed as a short term rental for a sweet $100,000 a month, which equates to $600,000 for 6 Months, $1.2 Million for a year, etc, etc. This definitely puts it up there as one of the highest rentals in Miami-Dade county, and even the country.
As far as double listing it for sale and a rental? Thomas' HDR-photo-loving realtor maybe thought it'd be in the best interest to find a renter for the property as it may or may not be a while before it actually gets to close on a worthy offer. But at $100,000 a month on a short-term basis, you're kinda limiting your options as is. Maybe the fact that the listing includes optional "boats, jetski's and limo buses" that are available upon request, might help seal the deal. But "hands down the most spectacular mansion in South Beach" it is not. Technically, Star Island isn't even in South Beach.

In case you'd like to once again catch up what Kramer thinks $35 Million of house looks like, or better yet, what $100,000 a month of rent looks like - scroll through the gallery above.
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Thomas Kramer's House

5 Star Island Drive, Miami Beach, Florida